Deer leaps through bus window

Student sustains minor injury

By Rebecca Zemencik, Managing Editor •

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Citizen-Standard Photo by Rebecca Zemencik Shattered glass, mud and blood can be seen in the bus after a deer leapt through the window Tuesday morning.

FEARNOT – A Tri-Valley High School eighth grade boy sustained a minor facial injury Tuesday morning when a deer leapt through the front passenger side window of the school bus he was a passenger in.
The incident occurred in the 500 block of Fearnot Road.
“I saw a herd of deer and two were coming across the road so I stopped the bus to let them pass when all of a sudden, a loud crash was heard and a large doe was literally on the lap of my front seat passenger,” said Curtis Zemencik, who has been driving school bus for 25 years for Bowman Brothers Trucking, Valley View.
“Everything just happened so quick, I believe we were all in shock.”
Zemencik said the deer then ran back the aisle of the bus, kicked a female student in the leg and then turned and ran back up the aisle and began kicking around at the door as Zemencik quickly opened the door and the deer ran from the bus as if nothing ever happened.

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The front passenger side window of a bus driven by Rev. Curtis Zemencik was shattered Tuesday morning when a deer leapt through it.

Zemencik pulled the bus to the side of the road and administered first aid to the student and notified the bus garage of the incident.
The student that was injured was taken by his family to an emergency room where he was treated and released.
Glass was thrown half-way back the bus and mud, blood and hair from the deer could be seen on the seat and the window frame.
No other injuries were reported. Bowman Brothers bus driver are certified in CPR and First-aid training.
“In all our years in business, we have never had a deer leap through a window,” said Jerry Bowman, of Bowman Brothers Trucking. “It’s just one of those freak accidents that you can’t believe unless you see it.”

Redner’s Market offers clarification on restaurant

By Rebecca Zemencik, Managing Editor •

HEGINS – There’s been some misunderstanding of a new restaurant coming to the area.
It was reported last week that Redner’s Warehouse Market would be offering a new place to wine and dine.
Unfortunately, that information wasn’t correct. The market is planning to offer a seating area for 30 people to sit down and enjoy a hot or cold food item from the deli, but there will be no restaurant as in the days of the Midway Cafe.
The Hegins Township Board of Supervisors approved an inter-municipal transfer of a restaurant liquor license from 318 Washington St., Port Carbon, to Redner’s Warehouse Markets, 22 Forest Drive, Hegins, during a hearing held Wednesday, March 1.
The transfer of this license simply allows the store to begin selling beer in six-packs or 12-packs and eventually they plan to apply for a wine permit where customers will also be able to purchase up to four bottles of wine.
“According to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, we have to offer a restaurant-type setting to obtain the license,” said Eric White, Director of Marketing, Redner’s Markets Inc.
A customer can sit in the restaurant area and have up to two 16oz. beers whether by themselves or while eating. The food offerings will be in in a cafeteria style fashion and one will be able to select from a limited, daily menu of hot and cold items that will be available for purchase each day from the deli.
“We will listen to our customers and see how the restaurant area’s sales perform to determine if a broader range of offerings can eventually be rolled out,” said Eric White, Redner’s Market Director of Marketing.
Supervisor Bruce Klouser said it was a little confusing the way the information was presented at the hearing to transfer the license because he too thought there was going to be a restaurant similar to the former Midway Cafe.

UDA teaches about destructive decisions

By Robert Wheary, Staff Writer •


ROB WHEARY/Staff Photo Dauphin County YMCA representative Eric Rothermel puts several Upper Dauphin Area students through a demonstration that shows what breathing is like for a victim of emphysema during his talk about smoking and vaping at UDA’s Drug Education Day on March 8.

ELIZABETHVILLE – The 10th grade students of Upper Dauphin Area watched the laser and light show, danced and sang along to the music, mixed in there were some statistics about drinking and driving drunk.
Hosted by “Jimbo Stereo” the program really hit home when he presented a video about a young high school student that was involved in a car accident with his friends. One person was killed while the woman’s voice talked about her son, who suffered a triple trauma, brain injury and three crushed vertebrae, lying in a coma for three months.
Eventually, the young man would regain consciousness and recover to graduate from school and college. Many in the audience were happy and then turned into dead silence at the last few words the lady said.


Ruby E. Wood

Ruby E. Wood, 88, of Medical Road, Millersburg, died Friday, March 10, 2017 at the Manor at Susquehanna Village.

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Donald R. Scheib

Donald R. “Hosey” Scheib, 87, of Dunnellon, FL., formerly of Hegins, died Thursday, March 9, 2017 at the home of his son in Harrisburg.

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