People’s Choice Voting

VALLEY VIEW – Let the voting begin!

The Citizen-Standard has launched a new advertising campaign entitled ‘The People’s Choice Awards.’ Our valued readers are encouraged to review the ballot and begin casting their votes for the local businesses who they feel deserve ‘The People’s Choice Award.’

The ballot has several categories broken down to food, drinks, automotive and services. This is your chance to nominate any local business for as many categories as you feel they are worthy to receive the People’s Choice Award.

The ballot will be published for three weeks. At the end of the third week, the votes will be tallied and the awards will be announced.

Voting can be done by submitting your paper ballot to The Citizen-Standard by mail at PO Box 147, Valley View, PA 17983, dropping it off at the office, located at 104 West Main Street, or by visiting www.citizenstandard.com and clicking on the links below:

Each person may vote as many times as they like and are encouraged to make a selection for at least 25 of the categories in order to be eligible to win a gift certificate for their participation.

This is a new promotion at The Citizen-Standard and this is your chance to let the local businesses know that you think they are the best at what they do.
Then People’s Choice Service Ballot

The People’s Choice Food, Drink, & Auto Ballot