Now what? Carl asks about Act 537

By Rebecca Zemencik, Managing Editor •

VALLEY VIEW – Now what? That was the question Hegins Township Supervisor Brad Carl posed to the board of supervisors last Wednesday night at the monthly meeting of the Hegins Township Supervisors.
Carl was inquiring about the recent ruling on the Act 537 plan in which the Environmental Hearing Board sided with the concerned citizens.
“What’s going on, what’s the next step, what do we need to do,”? asked Carl.
Solicitor Kevin Walsh Jr. of the Karpowich Law firm was filling in for Donald Karpowich, who normally represents the township. Walsh was the solicitor that represented the concerned citizens for the Act 537 hearing.
“You shouldn’t discuss the matter publicly,” said Walsh. “You should discuss this matter with Attorney John G. Dean, of Elliott Greenleaf and Dean, who represents the township for the Act 537 appeal.”
Carl asked the concerned citizens who were in attendance if they knew anything or where it stood.
Richter asked township secretary Cathy Moyer if she had a copy of the plan created by Alfred Benesch and Company with a plan for Hegins Township alone.
Moyer said a copy of that plan should be in the file.
In other business,
Swimming pool
Moyer gave a pool report. She said there is currently $15,642 in the account. She said this doesn’t reflect the wages for lifeguards and concessions stand workers. She said that will get squared away at the end of the season. Moyer said the pool is doing very well this year. She noted that last year there were 52 memberships sold and this year to date there have been 94 sold.
She announced the upcoming events that are planned at the pool such as a free luau party on July 23, sponsored by the Hegins-Valley View Rotary Club, Masons Lodge 897 and Friends of the Tri-Valley Community Pool. There will also be a raft night on July 28, with a DJ. The cost for the raft night is $5 per person, regardless of pool membership. Water aerobics are offered Monday nights for $2 and Thursday nights for $3 (certified aerobic instructor).
Zoning report
Ed Wenger of Leight Heigle Associates attended the meeting to give a code enforcement report.
Wenger said the same addresses keep popping up on these reports. He said some are working very slowly on their violations while other properties just keep accumulating fines. Addresses he listed were 1459 W. Main Street, Valley View; 417 E. Main Street, Hegins; 1012 E. Main Street, Hegins; 633 Chestnut Street, Hegins; 1010 W. Main Street, Valley View; 460 S. Good Spring Road.
Supervisor Mike Begis asked how does the township go about getting some of these properties listed on the county’s blighted property list. Wenger said he is looking into that is waiting to hear back from county.
Storm Water Ordinance
The township has approved it’s storm water ordinance for advertising. The 90+ page ordinance is available for review and will be adopted at the next regularly scheduled township meeting.
Playground equipment
The supervisors have held some discussions about the playground located behind Eyesense in Valley View. The supervisors are seeking input on whether to give the playground a facelift, dismantle it and put a parking lot in it’s place, or other suggestions. Since last month’s township meeting, where discussion was held, a letter has been received from the Valley View Park Association stating they would like to have the old playground equipment if the township is going to get rid of it. They said they will put it to use in the Valley View Park.
No decision has been made regarding the playground, but the supervisors made note of the Valley View Park’s desire to have it.
Recycling fence
A fence is going to be installed at the recycling bins. The supervisors approved the purchase of a fence 50’ in length and 10’ high. The purpose is to keep the recyclables from blowing across Gap Street and landing on property owned by the Schwalms. The cost of the fence is $1,641.
DEP request
The supervisors received a letter from DEP requesting that the township authorizes its sewage enforcement officer to inspect the Rausch Creek facility for violations. The cost will be $50 per hour. During a recent tour of the campground, several violations were noted.
Water authority vacancy
The township is seeking resumes and letters of interest from anyone who is interested in serving on the Hegins-Hubley Water Authority Board. The person will fill the vacancy by the death of Donald Stutzman. All resumes and letters of interest should be sent to the township office by July 31.
Fall cleanup
The township will be participating in a fall cleanup again this year. The date hasn’t been determined. The supervisors are reminding residents that electronics will not be collected.
Supervisor Carl suggested the board write a letter to State Rep. Mike Tobash concerning the lack of places to get rid of electronics.
Important dates
The food pantry will be held July 19, beginning at 8 a.m. at the township office located on Gap Street.
The next regularly scheduled township meeting will be held Wednesday, Aug. 2, at 7 p.m. at the Hegins Area Ambulance Building.


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