Resident looks to Frailey board for help with felines

By Robert Wheary, Staff Writer •

DONALDSON — The end of the June 6 meeting of the Frailey Township Board of Supervisors got a little “catty” as one resident described a problem she is having with stray cats.
“I went into my garage and saw a lot of damage the cat did,” the resident told the board. “It ripped slats out of my Venetian blind, knocked over a few items. I even had a few paw prints on my hood and windshield.”
Supervisor Donald Allar sympathized with the resident, but could not do much about it, going into a little tirade of their own.
“We tried to fight the problem a few years ago, paying a lady to conduct trap, neuter and release spots in the area, but after the first time we never heard from her again,” Allar said. “Who knows how many stray cats are in the area?”

The resident asked the board if any ordinances could be passed to help fight the scourge of stray felines, but supervisors did not know how to enforce against animals with no owners.
“It’s tough to trace them,” Allar said.
In other business, the board thanked Commonwealth Environmental Services and Natural Soil Products for their help with the township’s recent bulk cleanup day.
— The township’s property maintenance person came into the area May 3 with Allar reporting that 11 properties were checked with seven notices issued. Also, supervisors met with the firm doing the township’s road paving project for 2017, saying the work will begin the week of June 19. The drainage work project is about 80 percent complete as of the day of the meeting.
— The board approved sending letters of support for grants for floodplain restoration for Good Spring Creek and for a playground expansion.
— Supervisors reported that they were charged extra for this month by the Tremont Borough Police after they needed extra hours for protection to deal with a domestic incident on May 19.
— Due to the July 4 holiday, next month’s meeting of the Frailey Township Board of Supervisors will be held on Tuesday, July 11 at 6:30 p.m.


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