Millersburg SD asked to bring back drug and alcohol education

By Robert Wheary, Staff Writer •

MILLERSBURG — A local resident is looking for the Millersburg School District’s help in combatting the problem of drug and alcohol abuse.
Genesis Segrist, a resident of the Millersburg Area School District, spoke to the board during their April 24 board meeting about the plague of drugs and alcohol in the area and how everyone needs to protect the younger students from them.
“Over the past few years, there has been an increase of drug and alcohol abuse in the community and our school,” Segrist said. “Students as young as middle school age begin to experiment with alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes and other drugs, and some students have seen loved ones overdose and die.”
Segrist would love to see the Dauphin County Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services come in and help the district with programs. In the past, fifth-grade students at Lenkerville Elementary School would receive a program about the dangers of drug and alcohol, and that would be reinforced during middle and high school by assemblies, but Segrist said that doesn’t happen anymore.
“We are so focused on core standards and tests and forgetting the simple things like drug and alcohol education to our students,” Segrist said. “This upsets me because I lost a very close friend. He had a very bright future and he threw it all away because he started running around with the wrong crowd, and was killed in 1992 in an accident with drugs in his system.”
Board president Mark Rothermel thanks Segrist for her comments and said that it is a subject that needs to be addressed, not only in the district but in the community at large.
“Something needs to be done because you can drive through town and see things that kids are doing that they shouldn’t be doing,” Segrist said.
In other business:
— School board members will have a joint meeting with the Halifax Area School Board to discuss present and future co-op sports programs between the two districts.
Currently, the two are in a co-op program with Millersburg hosting a boys and girls track team, and Halifax hosting the wrestling team. Superintendent Thomas Haupt said currently the two sides are discussing a co-op program for girls soccer.
Millersburg recently entered an agreement with Upper Dauphin to co-op a competition cheerleading team under the Upper Dauphin banner.
— Under the business office report, the district renewed its contracts with Penn Keystone Coal Company for coal supplies at a cost of $195/ton for the Lenkerville Elementary School; with Nutrition Inc. for 2017-2018 with a negative balance of $28,558.04, but noted that the budget is always submitted with a negative balance, but later comes in the positive at the end of the year, and with J.P. Harris Tax Collection services at a cost of $9,110, the same rate it has been since the 2014-2015 school year.
— The board also unanimously approved a recommendation from the Keystone Purchasing Network to purchase for copy paper for the 2017-2018 school year at a total cost of $8,044.80.
— Under personnel news, the board accepted the resignations of Andy Banias as middle school lunch monitor, Greg Casner as middle school boys basketball coach, Scott Klinger as assistant boys basketball coach, and Noelle Conrad as a literacy curriculum planner.
— The board hired Morgan Kutz, of Dillsburg, as a PC technician/Data Management Support for the district, and named Tyler Seibert, of Millersburg, as an assistant football coach, and Michael Haley and Arlene Dyba as curriculum planner for the remainder of the school year.
— A payment of $38,000 was held up for Prada Builders on the district’s renovation project, due to having problems with the contractor finishing up several items. The district gave Prada a seven-day notice to make the repairs or default on the contract.
— Approval was given for the Life Skills class to establish the Jumpstart Cafe, and that the club’s bylaws be approved.
— Board member Scott Roadcap was named to a committee that will work with Millersburg Borough to develop a master parks plan thanks to a grant by the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The plan will guide the development of the borough’s park system and be used for future grant funding.

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