Sacramento Community Fire Company receives $95K grant

New turn-out gear and air cylinders purchased

By Rebecca Zemencik, Managing Editor •


Rebecca Zemencik/Citizen-Standard Photo Donning their new turn-out gear are members of the Sacramento Community Fire Company, from left, Chief Ron Radel, Alyssa Deibert, Brandon Herb, Craig Morgan and Jeff Wiest. The fire company received a grant through FEMA to purchase the gear and air cylinders.

It was like Christmas morning Monday evening at the Sacramento Community Fire Company, as firefighters were coming in to un-package and try on their new turn-out gear.
The fire company was awarded a grant for more than $95,000 from the Assistant to Firefighters through the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA).
Sacramento Community Fire Company Fire Chief Ron Radel wrote the grant more than a year ago and he said the company received notification this past fall that they were going to receive the money.
“We haven’t had new turn-out gear since 2004,” said Radel. “We were able to purchase 27 complete sets of gear.”

One complete set of gear which includes everything from the uniform to brand new boots costs approximately $2,800.
“We not only were able to purchase turn-out gear for all our active firemen and women, but also bout 30 new air cylinders for our air packs,” said Radel.
Radel said between all the active firefighters they also have a radiological response team as well.
“We received the grant, but we couldn’t have purchased everything we did without a monetary donation from a local business,” said Radel. “The business wished to remain anonymous, but they donated $5,000 to assist in the purchase of the gear and the air cylinders.”
As each firefighter arrived they were eager to unpack their gear and try it out.
“I love it,” said Brandon Herb. “It’s really comfortable and the boots feel really good too. “It doesn’t feel near as heavy as the old turn-out gear.
So what happens to the old turn-out gear? The firefighters were told to put their old gear on a pile in the engine room where they would be washed and given back to them to use as a back-up set of gear.
The Sacramento Community Fire Company proudly protects the local community and takes pride in being a visible part of the local region. They are always looking for new volunteers and help from the community. Anyone interested in getting involved with the Sacramento Community Fire Company should contact any member or visit them on Facebook or their website at for more information.

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