Hometown Heroes project coming to township

By Rebecca Zemencik, Managing Editor • rebecca-z@citizenstandard.com

VALLEY VIEW – Like many other small towns in the area, Hegins Township will soon be showing patriotism and honoring their service men and women of years past and current.
Clervin Zimmerman and Michael Wynn attended the Hegins Township Supervisors meeting last Wednesday evening on behalf of The Masonic Lodge in Valley View. The lodge is working on a Hometown Heroes project.
Wynn said the Masons will be doing a mailer in a few weeks to everyone in Hegins and Hubley Township explaining the Hometown Heroes program and how the public can purchase a banner featuring their loved one who is currently serving or past service member.

“We hope to have banners hung from Fountain to the county line,” said Wynn.
Zimmerman said they have already been in contact with the people who hang the Christmas lights in the township and the banners will not interfere with those polls.
The lodge hopes to have the banners placed by late spring or early summer. They said the banners will stay up for one year.
“We are proud of the people who have served and those that are still serving,” said Gary Harner, Chairman Supervisor and I believe this is a good idea.”
The supervisors all agreed and gave their nod for the lodge to move forward with their plans.
In other business, the supervisors asked for any comments regarding two ordinances they planned to adopt at the meeting. Hearing no questions or comments, the supervisors adopted an ordinance to amend the police pension plan and an ordinance repealing Ordinance no. 5, book 4 and adopting the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code.
Treasurer report
Treasurer Cathy Moyer, reported the township received an $8,416.28 reimbursement from FEMA for winter storm Jonas.
It was listed that the balance of the Tri-Valley Community Pool account is $13,530.54.
Township resident Roger Wetzel questioned whether that figure was accurate. He wanted to know if the pool lost or made money.
Moyer said a large donation was received from the Rick Kline Memorial Softball Tournament as well as from the Hegins-Valley Craft Faire Committee. She said there are still some adjustments that must be made from the account. She also noted that a pump repair will also need to come from that account.
“All I want to know is if the pool made money or lost money, and were the pool employees paid out of the pool account or the general account,” said Wetzel.
Supervisors Brad Carl and Mike Begis tried to explain that the pool account and the general account are all township moneys, but the workers were paid out of the general account because that is the way Specht and Company has it set up, but it’s all township moneys anyway and the pool doesn’t generally make money, however $10,000 is budgeted each year for the pool.
“It may have turned a slight profit this year since it was really hot this past summer,” said Township Solicitor Donald Karpowich. “In my dealings with boroughs and townships, I have never known of a pool to make a profit.”
While on the topic of the pool, Road Foreman Craig Coleman said he and Moyer drafted a letter to the Vo-Tech school in Marlin to inquire about students coming out and pouring concrete at the pool. Coleman said it’s a 72’x10′ area that needs to be replaced.
Chief Beau Yarmush introduced Sgt. Matthew Dillman to those in attendance at the meeting. Chief Yarmush also informed the public and the supervisors that he and Sgt. Dillman have been visiting area businesses and asking them to fill out an information sheet so the police can have it on file in case of after-hour emergencies.
The Supervisors gave approval for the hiring of another part-time police officer.
Sgt. Yarmush said the new surveillance camera has been installed at the recycling bins and seems to be working well.
Solicitors report
The township updated their landlord tenant ordinance. According to Moyer, the ordinance has been in place since 1985, but she said the township is losing out on tax money because not all landlords are registering their tenants when people move in and out. Under the updated ordinance, landlords will have 30-days to register tenants or face a $300 violation. She said Tax Collector Connie Reed will be sending out notices along with the spring property tax bills.
Solicitor Karpowich said the township is still waiting on a land development plan from Rausch Creek Trailriders. He said if the wait is too much longer, the township will pull the deal. Karpowich said they are waiting for the formal submission of the plan.
Old business
A bid was accepted for the culvert box repair on Mountain Road. The low bid came in from Grace Industries, Inc. at $158,119.99.
Permits were issued for Williams Pipeline.
One person has expressed interest in the opening on the planning commission. Supervisor Chairman Gary Harner said he is aware of the person and appreciates their interest, however he would like to wait until next month to see if anyone else with experience shows interest in the opening.
Moyer said she and Supervisor Sandy McCullough have spoken to Valerie Specht at the Tri-Valley High School and a website for Hegins Township has been created. It can be viewed at heginstownship@weebly.com Moyer said they are in the process of getting the domain.
Fire Company report
Chairman Harner said the fire company is in desperate need of fire police. He said anyone interested should contact a member of the fire company. Training is scheduled for the first week of March at Sacramento Community Fire Company.
Dates to remember
The next township meeting will be held March 1, 7 p.m. at the Hegins Area Ambulance building, Gap Street.
The food pantry will be held March 15, beginning at 8 a.m. at the township complex, Gap Street.

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