Hegins Township estimates 2017 budget with no tax increase

By Rebecca Zemencik, Managing Editor • rebecca-z@citizenstandard.com

VALLEY VIEW – Hegins Township Supervisors gathered last Thursday evening in the secretary’s office for a quick meeting to approve advertising the estimated budget for 2017.
According to the supervisors, the estimated budget includes no tax increases at this time. The budget is available to be viewed by the public at the township office.
The supervisors also approved advertising to replace a culvert box on East Mountain Road. The project was advertised earlier in the year but the bids were denied by the board.
In other business, a discussion was held concerning an individual on the township’s list to help with snow plowing.
Supervisor Chairman Gary Harner questioned whether the person was qualified and whether there was any health concern.

Supervisor Carl asked why there was such an issue with the list. He said the person in question helped in the past and he felt it was an issue because of who it was.
“Someone has to ask questions,” said Harner. “I was just double checking to make sure everything is good. I don’t know where he works or what he does, so I just asked.”
According to Carl, no one has ever questioned the list in years past. He said it was always left up to the road foreman. Carl said if everyone has a CDL license on the list then they certainly passed the health exam.
Supervisor Bruce Klouser said no matter who is on the list, the supervisors should all be made aware of who is on it.
Supervisor Mike Begis suggested the supervisors let the list at the discretion of Road Foreman Craig Coleman.

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