Council gets earful from citizens

By Rob Wheary, Staff Writer •

TOWER CITY – Members of Tower City Borough Council heard from the public about some recent decisions in the borough they weren’t happy with.
Several of the speakers came out to the Nov. 14 meeting to speak about several recent the decisions that were made by the council.
The longest discussion came from a landlord with a tenant near the Tower City Fire Company. Recently several parking spots in that area were designated as parking for firefighters during an emergency.
The landlord said that the move landlocked his tenant.
“He’s homebound and has nurses come take care of him, there’s only room for one car in his driveway,” the landlord said. “I really think you need to reconsider this.”
“I don’t think we realized that it would be that much initially,” council president Bruce Schneck said. “We can have our chief of police look at it again.”
Another resident, George Shuey, asked about the new parking restrictions at School Square, where several churches call home.

“I understand that the local police know the restrictions, but what about when state police come through and see me parked there,’ Shuey asked.
Signage was scheduled to be placed saying that it would be no parking in that area, off of Grand Avenue, saying that no parking was allowed except for Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, but the police department would rather see the signs say that there should be no parking except for church or school activities.
Shuey then asked if, due to the borough’s animal ordinance, there would be any problems with his church holding a live Nativity during the Christmas season. Schneck said it shouldn’t be a problem since the animals are not staying permanently at the church.
Jeremy Ulsh, of 809 E. Wiconsico Ave, asked the council about a sinkhole that has opened up near his property and when it would be fixed. Council told Ulsh that the problem is being worked on and they are expected to backfill the hole and then cold patch it.
In other business:
— The Tower City Borough Authority has asked the customers of the Tower City Water Authority to continue their efforts to conserve water as the supply drops due to the lack of substantial rain. They are currently operating under a state-issued drought watch.
— A thank you note was sent out to the prisoners for their recent help in painting the curbs in the borough.
— $20 was refunded to Alice Sulecki, her payment for her handicapped sign that she does not need anymore.
— The borough turned over a survey to the Tower-Porter Rotary Club asking about the usage and wattage of the Christmas lights that will be installed very soon.
— Council passed a motion to reject a $1,000 written bid for the property at 142 E. Grand Ave. in other to purchase the property themselves for $1 in order to help demolish it. The property has fallen into disrepair and Schuylkill County is working on getting demolition funds in order to fight blight.
— Tower City Borough Council offered its congratulations to the Williams Valley High School football team for winning the District XI Class A title on Nov. 11.

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