Resident questions council minutes

By Rebecca Zemencik, Managing Editor •

TREMONT – The Tremont Borough Council meeting began Tuesday, Nov. 8, with a warning from Council President James Scheibley that those in attendance were expected to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion.
Scheibley said he would not tolerate outbursts such as occurred at last month’s meeting.
That being said, borough resident Jerry Fasnacht questioned why some items weren’t included in the borough minutes.
He said comments he made at a previous meeting about Paulette and Dan weren’t included and he wanted to know why.
Shea Lucas, borough secretary, explained to Fasnacht that she only included factual matters in the minutes.

“I don’t own or pay taxes on the property you are referring to Jerry,” said councilwoman Paulette Yuschock. “You sit there and condemn me and that’s wrong.”
Fasnacht said when he was code enforcement officer he cited both Yuschock and Councilman Daniel Noll. Paulette told him the property isn’t in her name.
Shea said in order for that to be included in the minutes she would need documentation.
Fasnacht asked if their names weren’t on the list that he turned over to Marty Sowers the current code enforcement officer. Shea said only addresses were listed, no names.
Davey Reightler, a former resident of the borough, attended the meeting to ask if there was a problem with a property he had owned on Crescent Street. Reightler said it’s defamation of his character and he shouldn’t have to deal with it. He said he left Tremont to better himself.
Scheibley said as far as the borough council’s concerned, they washed their hands of it. He said it was a citizen that had a problem with it, not the council. The engineer told council there is nothing that can be done.
Public utility and streets
Council approved handicap parking signs at 219 West Laurel Street and 217 West Laurel Street. One applicant still needs to pay the fee for the sign. Council approved the request contingent on payment.
Eclipse Volleyball rental proposal/renewal was reviewed for the gymnasium in the Clay Street School. A proposal was given for $550 per month. Eclipse gave a counter proposal of $500 per month and $25 hourly fee above and beyond the rental agreement. Councilwoman Yuschock proposed that council stand firm on the $550 per month. She said council can not let the public dictate what to charge for rent.
The District Justice lease is also up in December. The rent hasn’t been raised in five years. Councilwoman Yuschock suggested keeping the rent at the same amount but adding an insurance clause. All agreed.
Council entered a three-year contract with Hans Summers for the cleaning of the oil burners at the TACC building as well as the borough garage. The cost is $800 for all three years.
Mayor’s Report
Mayor Roger Adams and Councilman Rogie Adams met with the Pine Grove Superintendent on October 24 to discuss change bus stops on Clay Street. Adams said nothing will be done this year but they are hoping to change the stops for next year.
Council would like to see one centralized stop on Clay Street in the area of the old school.
Yuschock asked why nothing would be done until next year. Adams said he thought since the school year has already started it would make sense to just wait until next year.
Yuschock said Ricky Ney also spoke to the superintendent to see about getting signs installed on Clay Street.
“What’s another sign going to do, if the arm and flashing red lights on the bus doesn’t even stop vehicles?,” asked Scheibley. “I don’t understand why the kids can’t walk in the alley and on the sidewalks and get on here at the old school. They could stand in the parking lot or under the breezeway.”
The mayor said he expects all sidewalks to be cleared of snow this winter season and for residents to get the cars off the emergency routes when asked to do so.
Treasuer’s report
Shea Lucas, borough secretary reported to the council that there is an issue with the mail system. She said things are late getting them to them and some of the bills are getting late fees added to them. She said she spoke to several people in the postal system and has gotten several different responses.
The 2017 budget is not finished but council approved to advertise the budget for public review on November 18. Councilwoman Yuschock asked that the police department get their wish list for 2017 to her before November 15 as well as the fire company.
Citizen of the Year
Residents are encouraged to nominate people for the Citizen of the Year Award. This award is for someone who has gone above and beyond to do something nice for someone in the borough. The award can be given to a young person, teen or adult. Forms are available at area businesses and at the borough office.

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