Cracks appear on roadway

Tower City looking to have paver fix work

By Rob Wheary, Staff Writer •

TOWER CITY – Borough council would like to see some repairs on their roads made before they pay a bill for paving.
At their meeting July 11, council members discussed the job done by the New Enterprise paving company, and how cracks have been forming in the roadway.
“There are two areas where the road is cracking and before giving them any money, I would like to see that fixed,” council president Bruce Schneck said.
One area that needs attention is an area on Colliery Avenue between Fifth and Seventh streets that was done about a year ago.

“If there is an area of cracking going on the material they paved a year ago, it needs to be looked at,” councilmember Paul Ruth said. “That should be under warranty.”
Schneck said he has been contacted by the borough’s engineer about the job, but the council president said he did not answer them to be assured what the problem is.
The borough is still on the hook for this year’s paving project and the paving company recently sent them a bill with interest charges. But the council said that they would pay the bill — without interest — once the situation is resolved and the roads are fixed.
In his report, Mayor Daniel Daub commended the borough’s little league program for their care with the little league field and their hosting of the District 24 Little League tournament.
“It’s really been a shining star for us and shown off our town, and with our home team, Upper Dauphin County, playing in the finals,” Daub said.
The borough earmarks $200 each year for the field committee, and Daub said that with the finals being played on Tuesday, it is the perfect time to give them that donation before the final game. Daub also mentioned in his report an anniversary coming up.
“2018 marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of Tower City and I know its takes a long time to plan these things so it’s just something to put out there for now,” The mayor said. He is hoping the fire company can make arrangements for the Six-County Fireman’s Convention to come to the area that year to coincide with the anniversary.
In his road report, councilmember Marcus Reiner reported that the borough will need a new plow blade for the winter season that they purchased four new tires for the borough’s six-wheel truck. The plan is to put the four new tires on the back of the vehicle, take the two best of the old tires and put them on the front, and then use the other two for spares.
A discussion was held at the meeting about several of the borough’s storm drains sinking, so they borough crews will check them out to see what can be fixed without bids or engineering costs.
A moment of silence was held during the meeting for former council member Harold Reiner, who served for 25 years on borough council. Tower City will send a $50 donation to the Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, Halifax, in his memory.

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