Day: July 8, 2016

Taking PopPop home

Valley View native fulfills Cuban father’s final wish

By Rebecca Zemencik, Managing Editor •


Submitted Photo Lindsay Olano and her father Marcelo. Lindsay recently fulfilled a promise made to her dad that she would return a portion of him to his homeland Cuba after his passing in 2015.

VALLEY VIEW – Last month a Valley View native and her daughter had the opportunity to do something that most people will never do. They traveled to Cuba and visited family members that they never had the opportunity to meet before. Not only was it a chance to see family, but it was also a chance to fulfill a promise that Lindsay Olano made to her father Marcelo, who came here as a Cuban refugee in 1980.
When Marcelo Olano became ill with cancer in January 2015, he made it very clear to his daughter, Lindsay that he wanted to be cremated and his ashes thrown in the sea. Lindsay told her dad that she would make sure part of him returned to Cuba.
On June 14 Lindsay and her daughter Iliana, fulfilled the promise she made to her dad.
Marcelo was born Tuesday, Jan. 16, 1945, in Havana Cuba, a son of the late Pedro Olano and the late Estella Fundora Olano.
In 1980, Fidel Castro opened the passage way to the United States known as the Mariel Boatlift for any Cubans wanting to leave.


TVP gets patriotic with ‘1776’

Musical opens July 28

By Rob Wheary, Staff Writer •


ROB WHEARY/Staff Photo Josh Kobel, left, and director Todd Hoover, run through lines during a recent rehearsal of the Twin Valley Players’ production of the musical 1776, which will be presented July 28 through Aug. 7 at the TVP Colonnade Theater, Millersburg.

MILLERSBURG – It was a turbulent time for the young nation. Feeling the oppression from its home country of England over higher taxes, the Second Continental Congress has been meeting but John Adams has been growing increasing frustrated about the lack of action Congress has been taking lately.
The battle for creating the United States of America and the formulation of the Declaration of Independence is the backdrop of the musical 1776, which is being presented as the Twin Valley Players’ summer musical, premiering July 28.
For director Todd Hoover, who is also one of the cast members, he is excited to bring this musical back to the stage for the Twin Valley Players.
“I have always loved this show and wanted the chance to direct it ever since I saw the movie on video 30 years ago,” Hoover said. “It’s something that was close to impossible because you need a cast of 30 men to perform it. So it kept being put on the back burner.”
Over the last five years, the calling to bring 1776 to the Twin Valley stage grew louder and louder for Hoover until finally, the opportunity arose.


Contract appears settled for Line Mountain

By Sarah DeSantis, The News-Item

MANDATA — The Line Mountain School Board and teachers union have reached a tentative agreement that may end a five-year stalemate on a teachers contract.
Attorney Benjamin Pratt, who represents the district, said the two parties came to an agreement during a negotiation session with a mediator held Wednesday evening.
“We are finalizing the details,” Pratt said Thursday afternoon.
Board President Troy Laudenslager said the union and the board will each vote on the terms, and he is optimistic both sides will approve.