National Champion

Schreffler’s Equipment employee earns title

By Rebecca Zemencik, Managing Editor •


Rebecca Zemencik/Citizen-Standard Photo Kevin Graff, Jr., a 2016 graduate of Shenandoah Valley High School and Schuylkill Technology Center’s Frackville campus, was awarded the SKILLS USA National Championship in Louisville, Kentucky. Pictured are from left, Tim McGinley, Schuylkill Technology Center’s Frackville Campus Cooperative Educational Coordinator, Kevin Graff Jr., Jason Wright, small engine technology instructor at the Frackville campus and Randy Schreffler, owner of Schreffler’s Equipment Inc. where Kevin performed his co-op training and is now employed.

PITMAN – Kevin Graff Jr. a recent graduate of Shenandoah Valley High School and the Schuylkill Technology Center’s Frackville Campus, competed last week in the SKILLS USA National Competition Conference in Louisville, KY and won the national championship.
Graff has been employed at Schreffler’s Equipment, Inc. for the past year in the co-op program. He is now a full-time employee.
“I learned a great deal while at the Schuylkill Technology Center,in the small engine technology program, but I continued to learn and had an opportunity to do much more while in my co-op program,” said. Graff. “I would have never won the competition without the training and knowledge I received at Schreffler’s.”
Graff spent five days in Louisville for the competition. He, a teacher from the center and the teacher’s wife made the 12-hour trip via car.

While there Graff had to take a written test which took a couple hours.
Jason Wright, of Valley View, Graff’s instructor at the Schuylkill Technology Center, Frackville, broke down the test and station scenarios that Graff had to complete. There were also various stations he had to complete and had 30 minutes at each station which included: Parts identification; failure analysis; speed control systems; electronic diagnostics, electric fuel injection, internal engine components, fuel systems, running and adjustments; two-cycle running adjustments; power trains and transmissions; and chainsaw cutting attachments.
“Kevin has always excelled in class and I knew he would do good at the competition,” said Wright.
“I was nervous when I first began,” said Graff. “There were college kids also competing, but after about two stations and watching how they were doing things, I knew I was capable and to do everything and new I had it.”
Graff competed against 40 other people from across the United States.
Kevin says the fuel injection part he really breezed through because he learned and dealt with a lot of that at Schreffler’s.
It wasn’t until Friday evening when Kevin learned that he was the national champion. Along with that title came a ton of Snap-on Tools, tool box, and offers from several colleges for a full-ride for a college education.
“I’m content right here where I am at Schreffler’s,” said Kevin. “I had no desire to go on to college. I’m going to continue working here.”
“We are very proud of him,” said Randy Schreffler, who has participated in the co-op program in the past. “I told him before he left, just do your best and you will do fine. When he found out he was the champion, he gave me a call and said, ‘Randy, I don’t believe I’ll be able to make it to work Saturday morning,” chuckled Randy. “We are just so proud of him.”
“We have always had a great working relationship with Randy and the co-op program,” said Tim McGinley, cooperative education coordinator at the Schuylkill Technology Center. “As a matter of fact, Tri-Valley’s Dillon Doyle also did a co-op here at Schreffler’s and also went on to win some competitions,” said McGinley.

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