Drugs pose problem in Tremont

By Rebecca Zemencik, Managing Editor • rebecca-z@citizenstandard.com

TREMONT – What is Tremont doing about the drug problem in the borough?
Council woman Paulette Yuschock asked fellow council members, Mayor Roger Adams and Police Chief Michael Conway during council’s meeting held Tuesday, June 14.
“My eyes have really been opened in the last few weeks,” said Yuschock. “There is a big problem and I want to know what we are doing on the war on drugs in our community.”
According to Mayor Adams, syringes have been found laying around several places in the borough. He said he doesn’t know what the answer is to combat the problem.
Police Chief Michael Conway said there are ongoing investigations and if people see or know something they are encouraged to contact the police.

Councilman Rogie Adams suggested the public call the Schuylkill County Drug Task Force and keep flooding their office with calls. He said they will eventually send someone out. The numbers given to call at the meeting are: 1-800-414-1406 or 570-527-2425.
“We don’t carry Narcan on the Tremont Ambulance,” said Yuschock. “Addicts know that no matter what they take, Narcan will bring them around. In my opinion, Narcan just enables the heroin addicts.”
Mayor Adams said it seems the drug dealers get arrested one day and are back on the street the next day.
Council suggested that Chief Conway view the borough security cameras to determine if any deals were captured on camera.
While on the topic of police, Tremont Borough or Frailey Twp. are not eligible for any type of police grants through the state or any money from fines issues by the police because their UCR (Uniform Crimes Reporting) have not been done for the past five years and they are now in the penalty stage.
“I requested training on this four years ago,” said Chief Conway, after the meeting. “Council told me point blank I would have to pay for the training on my own dime.”
Conway said council did send him for training in January and the new program was installed in February and now they are waiting for the program to be functioning properly.
In other police matters, Butch Kender, a borough resident told council that there have been people walking the streets in the middle of the night, making noise and causing a disturbance.
Mayor Adams said he will switch police shifts and have the police do some patrols in the middle of the night.
Former Code Enforcement Officer Jerry Fasnacht and the borough’s camera were the topic of a debate once again this month. Last month, Fasnacht was told to return the borough’s camera and he refused.
According to Fasnacht, the camera contains a photo that he needs for a court case. He was told to return the camera, but keep the card, but he still refused to return the camera.
This month, councilman Dan Noll Sr. made a motion that Fasnacht return the camera within 24 hours of the meeting or he could be arrested. The motion passed.
“I think it’s rotten to ask Jerry to return the camera,” said Council President James Scheibley. “He did this work for five years without being paid. I think we should just let him keep the camera.”
According to Borough Secretary, Shea Lucas, who was contacted Tuesday morning before presstime, Fasnacht did return the camera to the borough.
Fasnacht also was involved in a debate regarding a drone flying over homes in the borough.
Mike Renninger, a resident of Tremont, asked the council if there are policies or regulations in place regarding drones in the borough. According to Renninger, someone was flying a drone over several homes in the borough and he feels it’s an invasion of his property.
Fasnacht spoke up and said that it is simply a toy. He said his grandson was flying it and it wasn’t harming anyone.
According to council, a drone must remain in view while being flown. Renninger said it was more than a simple toy and it flew out of sight and went pretty far.
Council also heard complaints from Dr. Ray Leidich. He complained about a property next to his that he feels is in violations of several codes. He believes the borough should inspect the inside of the property. Council explained to Dr. Leidich that they don’t have the authority to enter someone’s property without a search warrant.
Dr. Leidich referred to council as a ‘bunch of nitwits’ and said he has been in contact with the Schuylkill County District Attorney’s office and he claims they will send someone in to investigate.
Council discussed fixing the paving outside the Clay Street School near the entrance to the urgent care center. Council was told an elderly man fell and broke his arm. Council said they will measure the area and get price quotes to review at next month’s meeting how to move forward and fix the problem.
Councilwoman Paulette Yuschock reminded council that they need to get applications available for the public to nominate an individual in the borough to be recognized.
Currently two members of council donate either all or a portion of their meeting pay to purchase a plaque and recognize someone. Council members get paid $150 per quarter, while the president gets $225 and the mayor gets $300.
Anyone wishing to nominate an individual should contact the borough office at 570-695-2199.
Last month resident Charles Huntzinger gave a packet of information to Borough Solicitor Melissa Kelso and directed a number of questions to council. He requested they review the information and provide answers at a later time.
Huntzinger was unable to attend the meeting, but he asked councilman Dan Noll Sr. to speak on his behalf. See next week’s edition for that information.

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