Frustrated mother makes last ditch effort for son

Bus contract and budget to be voted on at special meeting

By Rebecca Zemencik, Managing Editor •

HEGINS – A mother who demanded her fourth grade son be moved back to Hegins-Hubley Elementary School at last month’s meeting of the Tri-Valley School Board, returned again to the June 8 meeting of the board.
Last month the mother, who asked that she and her son not be named in the newspaper, told the board that her son was one of a handful of students who were transferred from Hegins-Hubley to Mahantongo Elementary last year due to class sizes. She claims that since her son’s transfer his grades have plummeted and he is receiving D’s and F’s and has had to pull tickets for disciplinary reasons.

She demanded last month that her son be returned to Hegins-Hubley where she says his grades were great and there were no disciplinary problems.
This month, the mother again addressed the board, but had medical records and reports that she obtained from doctors her son saw at Hershey Medical Center and also had test results that he underwent.
She claims her son is having stomach issues and that test results and doctors confirmed that they believe it is stemming from the stressful situation he is going through at school.
“I am here tonight to again request that my son be moved back over to Hegins-Hubley,” said the mother. “The proof is right here in these records that this is not a good situation for my son and I want him moved.”
The board offered no comments to the mother.
In other business, Emily Ganunis, the mother of an elementary student who experienced two incidents on the school bus with both her son and daughter, addressed the board concerning the upcoming bus contract with Bowman Brothers Trucking.
Ganunis requested earlier in the school year after her son had the door closed on his legs as the bus began to pull away and most recently when a dog came onto the school bus and scratched her daughter, that school bus drivers be trained in first aid and CPR.
The board will be voting on the transportation contract at a special meeting set for Wednesday, June 22, at 7:30 p.m. in the high school auditorium.
Board President Jerry Beaver told the press after the meeting that all Ganunis’ requests were going to be part of the new five-year transportation contract.
The board will also be voting on the final budget for the 2016-17 school year at the June 22 meeting.
The board approved the following coaches and salaries for the 2016-17 school year:
Michael Masser, head boys’ basketball, $3,530; Carl Zeigmont, asst. sr. high boys’ basketball, $1,970; Robert Felty Jr., asst. jr. high boys’ basketball, $3,070; Shane Leedy, asst. jr. high boys’ basketball, $2,060; Clark Romberger, head girls’ basketball, $3,590; Michael Romberger, asst. sr. high girls’ basketball, $1,880; David Boltz, co-head wrestling, $3,565; Ty Rothermel, co-head wrestling, $3,565; Kevin Scheib, asst. jr. high wrestling, $3,050; Brock Troutman, asst. jr. high wrestling, $2,150; Hannah Dautrich, asst. band front, $690.
“Does Mr. Felty meet with these coaches prior to the season,” asked Board Director Diane Dietrich, during the committee of the whole meeting held at 6:30 p.m. prior to the regular board meeting. “I have heard some parent feedback concerning coaches who have their own children on the team. We need to make sure that all kids are getting playing time and not just the coaches kids or their friends. Everyone needs a fair chance and playing time. I’m speaking as a parent and not as a board director.”
Superintendent Dr. Mark Snyder said Felty does meet with the coaches and he’s sure it is addressed.
The following volunteer coaches were approved by the board: Jerry Beaver, boys’ basketball; Zachary Coleman, boys’ basketball; Michael Deeter, boys’ basketball; Kris Wetzel, boys’ basketball; Kurt Kline, wrestling; Samuel Scheib, wrestling and Ricky Otto, girls’ basketball.
Alexis Wasko was appointed as a special education teacher at a salary of $38,200, including applicable benefits, starting Tuesday, Aug. 23, the first teacher day in the 2016-17 school year.
Nikki Sankus was hired as a substitute aide at a rate of $9 per hour, effective at the start of the 2016-17 school year.

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