Supervisors inform residents of gas pipeline meeting

By Joan Schwer, Correspondent

MOLLEYSTOWN – The Tremont Township supervisors informed residents April 4 of a recent meeting they had with representatives of Williams Partners, L.P. covering the status of the proposed natural gas pipeline to be constructed in the area, the Atlantic Sunrise Expansion Project.
“They gave a lot of paperwork,” said chairman Herman Lengle which was sent to the township solicitor for review.
An agreement was provided by Williams covering the two areas in the township where the 42 inch diameter pipeline would cross. One was in the area of 73 Molleystown Road, a macadam road, and the other somewhere along what remains of the dirt section of old Rausch Creek Road.
The agreement calls for the company to return both roads to their original condition upon completion of the work. An inspection before, during, and after completion of the work is required. Solicitor Mark Barket recommended the township hire their engineer, ARRO Engineering, to perform the inspections for the township. Videos, he said, will probably be required.
Barket also recommended ARRO determine what amount of security would be required, as well as how billing by the engineer would be handled since Williams would also be paying for that and any other administrative work required by the township. Once the restoration was completed to the supervisors’ satisfaction, whatever security remains would be returned to Williams.
According to Lengle, Williams will be returning for another meeting, and since the project would not be started until 2017, the board would not approve the agreement until probably October. “Their time table is ‘iffy’”, said Lengle.
The application to construct, operate, and maintain expansions of the existing interstate natural gas pipeline system in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina was made on March 31, 2015, and is referred to as the Atlantic Sunrise Expansion Project. According to the application, the proposed project would provide 1,700,000 dekatherms per day of natural gas transportation service from various receipt points in Pennsylvania to various delivery points along the existing interstate pipeline system owned by the Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company (Transco).
The final environmental impact statement (EIS) for the project will be made available on October 21, and a 90 day Federal Authorization Decision Deadline of January 19, 2017 established.
FERC also provided a summary of the 197.7 mile pipeline project, which includes 183.7 miles of new 30 and 42 inch diameter pipes crossing land previously untouched by natural gas infrastructure, rather than using existing rights-of-way. An additional 11.5 miles of new 36 and 42 inch diameter pipeline will be installed parallel to another pipeline in order to increase capacity along an existing stretch of right-of-way; plus 2.5 miles of 30 inch diameter replacement lines and associated equipment and facilities.
Above ground facilities will consist of two new compressor stations; additional modifications to three existing stations; two new meter stations and three regulator stations; and minor modifications to existing facilities at various locations, to include additional odorization and odor detection equipment.
Roadmaster Larry Bender suggested the ‘Jeep Club’ agreement not be signed. According to Bender the club has still not erected the ‘No Crossover’ signs, as promised, on the old Rausch Creek Road, and, according to Bender, they did not like what was in the newspaper last month. Another quarterly check had been received, said Bender, and like the previous one, would not be cashed. “We won’t sign the agreement until all is done,” he added.
In other business, Les Kauffman apologized for the misunderstanding and approaching the wrong person concerning a sewage complaint. The correct resident has since been contacted and assured him the problem would be taken care of.
Comcast informed the township of a channel change. It was noted that the customers would be notified individually.
Bender reported he would be doing some work on Water Trough Road next month.

One comment

  1. How does using existing and new pipelines that were built under eminent domain law allow for exporting our oil & Nat Gas ?

    When you export our oil & Nat Gas you should build new pipelines from the well heads to the export terminals without using eminent domain laws !

    Eminent domain laws are for public good NOT private profit !!!

    PLEASE NOTE the word EXPORT !


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