Residents complain about youth, damaged property and pigeons

TOWER CITY – Tower City residents are asked to call ‘911’ when a ‘life threatening emergency’ exists. Other- wise, to contact police for any other emergency or rea- son, dial 570-628-3792.

According to the Schuylkill County Communication Center, when contacted either way, the information will be passed on to the Tower City police; or if the Tower City police are not on duty, to the State Police.

An example was provided by the ‘Com Center’ – You come home and find your house has been entered while you were away. If the intruder is still in the house, call ‘911’. If the intruder has already left, dial 570-628-3792.

Several residents were in attendance at the council’s March 14 meeting complaining about re-occurring prob- lems, youth hanging out and damaging property, and pigeons.

A group of five male youth were recently observed try- ing to rip down a stop sign. Graffiti which consisted of drawings and words which can not be printed in the newspaper were found on playground equipment. And within the past few days, four females joined the males. “As the weather gets warmer, it’ll be worse,” noted one resident. He added that their activities start right after school lets out, except on weekend when they’re out at all hours of the night.

The pigeon problem in the 700 block of East Grand Avenue appears to be getting worse each year. A photo showing 117 sitting on utility wires was given to the council as proof of the severity of the problem. Another photo showed a car parked under the wires splattered with droppings. One resident claimed that one pigeon can poop a pound a week, and finds easy entry for roosting by way of a hole in the roof of one of his neighbor’s houses, and on another neighbor’s porch.

Another resident sug- gested the council pass an ordinance making it ille- gal to harbor pigeons, which he said, the person with the hole in the roof is doing.

Something, the residents agreed, needs to be done as soon as possible. It’s a health hazard, said one man.

Mayor Dan Daub informed the citizens that the engineer would be instructed to look at the properties the following week.

President Bruce Schneck reported the Daniel DeHaan hearing before Dis- trict Justice David Rossi for property and other viola- tions was held recently and he was found guilty of almost every charge. Since DeHaan has not complied with DJ Rossi’s ruling, DeHaan will be cited again next week.

A regular meeting attendee, Marla Dellapen-

na, submitted two com- plaints against council members. She suggested some responsibilities belonging to the board pres- ident are passed on to a part-time police officer.

“Too much is pushed off,” said Dellapenna.

She also noted that a council member has two code violations for what she described as ‘rubbish’ in her backyard and porch. The council, another resi- dent noted, should set an example for the rest of the citizens.

Residents should be on the alert for a man walking around the town supposed- ly selling things. He does not, said Mayor Dan Daub, have a vendor’s license, and Daub has been told the man walks right in a house without knocking on the door.

Matt Walmer is setting up a community yard sale on April 30 from 7 a.m. to noon to be held on the side- walk in front of partici- pants’ homes. He plans to invite neighboring munici- palities to join in, and sug- gested that the fire compa- ny or a church take advan- tageof theopportunityand have food for sale, or pro- vide an area where people

outside the area could set up.

Walmer is also schedul- ingacleanupofaonemile down hill section of theGoldMineRoadonMay 21, 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., in con- junction with ‘Great Amer-

ican Cleanup’ month of May. For more information, call 717-507-6692.

Paul Ruth reported the police had logged in 95 hours during Febru- ary. Although that amount is in line with what was

budgeted for, Ruth added that the Chief is trying to do more.


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