Tremont seeks volunteer to run swimming pool



TREMONT – With spring right around the corner, Tremont borough council is losing no time advertising for life guards for the com- munity swimming pool which usually opens the beginning of June.

It was the spring of 2013 that resident Phil Kintzel volunteered to take chemi- cal application classes which eventually got him deeply involved with the running of the pool for the following two years. This year, however, Kintzel

vol. 42 no. 22

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will no longer volunteer. Council president Jim Scheibly noted February 9 that Kintzel had voiced con- cerns that he was being accused of not doing any- thing for the last year. “The pool is pretty time consum- ing when open on a daily basis, plus getting it ready,” said Scheibly “and Kintzel

has volunteered for both of those chores.”

According to Kintzel, the pool phone bill is now sud- denly an issue, and he’s been accused of spend- ing taxpayers’ money. He noted that the phone had been turned off in Aug 2011,

and turned back on in 2012, and has been on ever since.

“I spent at least 1,000 hours, but whoever takes it over, I’ll personally pay for their test,” said Kintzel, referring to the chemical application test needed to apply chemicals to the pool.

Although Kintzel did not immediately identify his accusor, Paulette Yuschock noted that the pool phone bill is $50 each month (Trea- surer’s Report shows a charge of $39.75) However, according to Kintzel, it was Yuschock’s accusations of him not doing anything that upset him.

A new solicitor was appointed during a special January 25 meeting. Five proposals had been submitted, and two attend- ed the meeting, Melissa Kel- so of the Reilly Wolfson Law Firm, Lebanon, and Chrito- pher Slusser and Ashley Securda of the Slusser Law Firm, Hazelton. The other proposal were from Thomas Pellish, Pottsville; Karen Domalakes of Rubright, Domalakes, Troy & McDon- ald, Frackville; and Shane Hobbs, Pottsville. Following a presentation by those in


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