State plans to replace bridge on Gap Street


VALLEY VIEW – The state is planning to replace a bridge in Hegins Town- ship. Engineers from Rettew Associates were in atten- dance last Wednesday eve- ning to discuss plans to replace the bridge on Gap Street near the Valley View Park.

According to the engi- neers plans are to begin construction in Spring of 2017. The bridge will be moved to the east approxi- mately 12-15’. The new bridge will have 12’ lanes in each direction with 5’ shoul- ders as well. Rettew Associ- ates said the new design will also make the creek flow better in that area.

Current plans are to use Broad Street as the detour route. Several residents were concerned whether trucks would be able to make the sharp turn near Reservoir Road. They were also concerned how a big truck would pull out from

Broad Street onto Main Street.

Supervisors also expressed their concerns as to who would be responsible for repairing Broad Street if it becomes damaged during the detour. The road had just been tarred and chipped last year. Rettew said conditions could be written into the contract.

Rettew said they are in the preliminary stages right now and plan to have the final design ready toward the end of this year and should be on schedule to begin construction in 2017.

Residents were also con- cerned with activities at the Valley View Park and how people would be able to access the park while the bridge was under construc- tion. Rettew assured the public there will be signage directing traffic. They were asked if the construction could be moved to the fall of 2017 but they said there are too many construction restrictions with weather issues at that time.

Treasurer’s report

Township Treasurer Ver- non Schlegel presented the treasurer’s report. It was noted the ending balance as of February was 256,126.64. Income was noted at $58,078.19 while expenses were $61,621. 34.

Supervisor Brad Carl said if it weren’t for the bills for the lawyers with the Act 537 appeal, it would have been a plus month for the township instead of a nega- tive $3,543.15. He said the professional services fee was $6,771.01. Carl also not- ed that a $10,000 check was also received from Comcast this past month.

Supervisor Mike Begis questioned Attorney Karpo- wich’s bill. Begis was con- cerned that Karpowich charged $650 to create by-laws when according to Begis, Karpowich basically cut and pasted directly from the PA code of supervisors.

Begis also noted that Kar- powich was paid for meet- ings that Begis wasn’t part of. Karpowich said he met with Supervisor Chairman

Gary Harner and Vice-Chairlady Sandy McCullough prior to the meeting to discuss items. He said they spoke about alleys and the swimming pool.

Begis also noted there was a meeting on Janu- ary 8 with Entech Engi- neers that he wasn’t informed of, but the attorney was paid to attend.

“Why are we paying special counsel to meet with these people,” questioned Begis. “I was never informed with information from the meeting. If you people are going to meetings shouldn’t you inform the rest of the board? If Items didn’t seem cor- rect with the sewer proj- ect, shouldn’t you let the rest of the board know. It just seems as though you people are spending funds without the authority of the board.”

Begis wanted to know why he isn’t being invit- ed to meetings and not being informed.

“I have issues with paying professional peo- ple when I’m not informed,” said Begis.

Road foreman report

Road Foreman Craig Coleman said the town- ship is having problems with the bin for branch- es for township resi- dents. He said people are placing items in there that don’t belong. He claims the other week there was a dead cat in a bag in the bin. If the abuse continues the township will consider making changes.

Coleman said on March 14, John Davis will meet with the supervisors to discuss alleys and tell them what he knows. The meeting will be at 9 a.m.

The board of supervi- sors voted to purchase a cinder spreader. They will advertise the old one in the Lancaster Farmer.

Coleman also request- ed that the township employees who mow the lawn receive an increase this year. He said those employees have not received an increase since 2008. The supervi- sors said they will look into it for the next meet- ing.

Coleman also request- ed the township pur- chase the fluorescent green safety T-shirts and sweatshirts for the township employees. He said none were pur- chased since 2013.

Old Business

The board of supervi- sors voted to not move forward with a request for brake retarders in the township. The prob- lem is allegedly occur- ring between 3 and 4 a.m. The police depart- ment would have to enforce it and it’s rare they are on duty at that time.


Last month Jeff Kline requested that his group be able to set off fireworks at the Valley View Park until 11 p.m. A discussion was held because there were sev- eral complaints that it was too late and disrup- tive. Solicitor Karpo- wich said the noise ordinance doesn’t include fireworks. The board agreed to allow the fireworks display t0

go until 11 p.m. despite having received com- plaints from residents.

New business

The board of supervi- sors have decided they want to upgrade their bookkeeping program and they feel it would be best to combine the sec- retary/treasurer posi- tion.

At the meeting it was determined they would advertise the position, but at the time weren’t sure if it would be for a full or part-time posi- tion.

On Tuesday, March 8, The Citizen-Standard received an email for the township to adver- tise the follow- ing: Hegins Township, Schuylkill County, Penn- sylvania, is seeking applications for a part- time (25-30 hours per week) Secretary/Trea- surer. The Township has a population of approxi- mately 3,695; an annual budget of $934,000.00; and four full-time and six part-time employees. The Treasurer shall be required to post bond. Responsibilities include attending Township meetings including the regular meeting one night per month; record- ing, transcribing, and keeping minutes of all meetings; receiving and depositing all money of the Township; keeping an account of all receipts and disburse- ments; preparing a monthly report and annually stating the accounts and making them available to the auditors for settlement; providing information to accountant for pay- roll; annually stating the accounts and make them available to the auditors; and preserv- ing the account books and records of the Township. Pay commen- surate with experi- ence. Interested appli- cants must send a resume with cover letter and salary requirements to Hegins Township Supervisors c/o Gary Harner, Chairperson, 421 Gap Street, Valley View, PA 17983, on or before April 5. The Township is an equal opportunity employer (E.O.E.) and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability or familial status in employment or the provisions of service.

The supervisors said

current secretary Kathy Moyer can apply for the position if she is inter- ested, however, that doesn’t guarantee she will be given the posi- tion.

Current Treasurer Vernon Schlegel was going to resign as of the end of March, but has agreed to stay on with the township until the transition is complete. Schlegel has been the treasurer for the past 16 years.

Public comment

Supervisor Brad Carl asked to review how the concerned citizens received the Entech review report before the board of supervisors.

“Since the township board of supervisors approved Entech to review the plan shouldn’t we have received it first for review,” said Carl.

“I believe it should have been provided to the board of supervisors first and then should have been disclosed to the other parties,” said Supervisor Begis. “I didn’t get a copy of it until after the newspa- per had it. I would think protocol would be that the supervisors should have it first.”

Supervisor Harner said he feels there was a miscommunication somewhere. McCullough said she believes it should have been simul- taneously released, but she felt it was important to get the information out to the public.

According to Kenneth Richter, one of the con- cerned citizens and appellant on the act 537 case, Paul Datte was the first to receive the report.

Upcoming meetings

Food pantry will be held March 16 at the township building on Gap Street, beginning at 8 a.m.

The next township meeting will be held Wednesday, April 6, at 7 p.m. at the Hegins Area Ambulance Building on Gap Street. Those attending the meeting are reminded that only veterans and the dis- abled are allowed to park in the Hegins Ambulance parking lot, all others are asked to park across the street at the township complex.


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