Outside firm to check for asbestos at Williams Valley

TOWER CITY — The Wil- liams Valley School Board is looking for have their high school checked for asbestos.

At their school board meeting on Feb. 25. the board voted 8-0 to have SSM Group Inc. of Reading per- form an asbestos inspection at the Jr./Sr. High School at a cost of $2,300. Voting for the proposal was board president Daniel Stroup, vice president John Mika, board treasurer Christo- pher Stroup, and members David Ferraro, Tedd Johns, TraceyL.Minnich,Joanna Stroup, Michael Minnich. Board secretary Jennifer Kramer was absent.

In the one motion that failed, Williams Valley rejected the proposed Schuylkill Technology Cen- tersecondarybudgetforthe coming school year, by a 7-1 no vote with Tracey L. Min- ning voting for the budget.

District students will be learning more about the

Civil War in the coming months, thanks to some approvals by the board. A unanimous yes vote was given for the Sixth Grade social studies classes to traveltoGettysburgNation- al Park on Saturday, May 14 at no cost to the district.

A request was also approved for the Pennsylva- nia Bucktails to hold a Civil War Encampment at the school from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2.

In other business:

— Permission was granted to Kindergarten teacher SherriMeisertoapplyto Donors Choose, an online organization that assists classroom teachers in fund- ing items to be used in their classrooms. Meiser will solicit donations for the “Letters Alive” program thatusesAugmentedReali- ty to help teach students about letters, spelling and words.

— The board also approved a contribution of no more

than $450 to support the upcoming FBLA trip.

— Ravine Transportation spoke to the board looking for feedback after the com- pany took over the trans- portationforthedistrictat the start of the school year. The board complimented them for the efficient ser- vice they are providing.

— Elementary principal Stephanie Carl gave the board an update on the new “Pre-K Counts” program currently being held at the elementary school.

— The next school board meetingwilltakeplaceon Thursday, March 10 at 7:30 p.m. in the junior-senior high school boardroom with an executive session takingplaceat7p.m.Anoth- er upcoming event is the musical production, “High SchoolMusical”,whichwill take place from March 11 to 13 in the high school audito- rium.


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