Klingerstown boy needs your vote


Blake Kimmel doesn’t let his disability get him down. He is always smiling and determined to do what he can. Blake needs the public to visit his page on the Great Bike Giveaway and vote for him to win an adaptive bicycle.

BY REBECCA ZEMENCIK Managing Editor rebecca-z@citizenstandard.com.

KLINGERSTOWN – A 10-year-old Klingerstown boy needs your help.

Blake Kimmel, son of William and Amanda Kim- mel, is entered into a con- test to win an adaptive bike and he needs everyone with a Facebook account to login and vote for him.

Blake is a sweet, caring, outgoing, loving boy who loves to make people laugh. He has been diagnosed with Arthrogryposis. The dis- ease affects his muscles and nerves. Blake is unable to ride a traditional bicycle with his sisters and brother, due to his low muscle tone and poor balance, but with an adaptive bicycle his dream of riding a bike would become reality.

Blake is entered into the Friendship Circle’s 5th Annual Great Bike Give- away. The Great Bike Give- away is a campaign started by Friendship Circle of Michigan giving children and tens with special needs an opportunity to win an adaptive bike. The Great Bike Giveaway was started in 2012 and has grown each year. This year the organi- zation hopes to give away

600 adaptive bikes.
He was also part of the

competition last year, but didn’t win the bike. This year his family and friends are doing everything possi- ble to get the word out for people to visit the page and vote for Blake.

His mom, Amanda was able to get Blake registered as one of the 600 children, but that doesn’t guarantee him a bike. The organiza- tion allows 600 children to register but then funds are needed in order to award a bicycle to each child. If enough funds are not gath- ered to provide 600 bicyclesit then comes down to votes.

Friends and family are encouraged to go to Blake’s page

at https://www.friendshipcircle.org/bikes/2016/02/ blake-k-3/ and cast their vote. Persons can also donate funds to the organization which in turn puts more bicycles into the contest.

Voting began Tuesday and will end on March 30.

“Blake doesn’t allow his physical challenges in life to get him down, he pushes on with his enormous amount of determination,” said Amanda. “We are very grateful to all Blake’s ambassadors in the contest and all the support he has been given throughout the years.”


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