Remembering Smokin' Joe

VALLEY VIEW - Pull, yells the shooter. A moment later the gun bellows and a white cloud of smoke belches from the barrel. The peanut gallery erupts in yet another round of laughter at the shooter's expense. "Smokin' Joe" claimed another unsuspecting victim. It became his signature prank but certainly not the only shenanigans he was responsible for. You see, Joe would craft his special shotgun load in the secrecy of his workshop by substituting black powder for the more conventional smokeless variety, then with cunning skill he would slip the mutant shell into the shell bag of some hapless shooter. Unaware of the unwelcome addition to his ammo supply, the shooter would chamber the surrogate shell and the resulting discharge produced a horizontal mushroom cloud of putrid Sulphur smoke, much to the delight of all the onlookers, if not the shooter.

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  • Remembering Smokin' Joe
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Stayin' alive

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