Hegins family seeks safe return of Ace

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HEGINS – By now, most everyone living in the Tri-Valley community has had to see at least one of the fliers, signs or posters hanging on almost every pole, every bulletin board and even in some yards, seeking the safe return of Ace.
Who is Ace? Ace is the four year-old Teacup Yorkie that went missing from the yard of Dr. John and Becky Horn on Monday, May 3.
“John put Ace and Duke out and 20 minutes later when he went to bring them in, Ace was gone,” said Becky Horn, who lives on South Goodspring Road. “Ace has always been a little bit adventurous, but he has never left the property on his own.”
Becky says it was between 8:30 and 9 p.m. when they discovered the dog was missing. She said Ace would always go out at that time and then come in to go to bed with the family.
“We aren’t sure if someone stole him or what happened,” said Becky. “We just want our dog safely back in our home.”
Another dog in the neighborhood belonging to Mark and Vicki Harman, also went missing Monday evening. Theirs is a miniature Dachshund named Annie. The Harman dog also went missing between the hours of 8:30 and 9 p.m.
“I was at the township meeting while it happened,” said Vicki, who is a township supervisor. “Mark put our dogs out and all came back except Annie.”
On Saturday, Mark and Vicki were working on installing a fence on their property because they didn’t want to take anymore chances of losing another pet and next thing you know Mark looked down and there stood what he thought was their other dachshund.
“Mark yelled at the dog to get up on the porch and as she came running up to me, I started yelling and was surprised to see that it was Annie,” said Vicki. “We don’t know where she was, but she was gone since Monday evening and she came back to her own yard. She was thin, but healthy. I’ve been giving her rice and hamburger and she is doing well. We are so happy to have her home.”
The Harman’s contacted the Horn’s to let them know that their dog returned and that maybe Ace would soon be home too. The Horn’s have been scouring the woods and fields and searching everywhere, but at this point Ace is still missing.
The Horns have placed signs throughout the town and are offering a $500 reward for the safe return of their beloved Ace.
“I called the state dog warden’s office to make sure a dog warden or someone like that didn’t come and take Ace,” said Becky. “Ace doesn’t wear a collar with his tags attached.
“Dog wardens are only permitted to knock on doors to ask if animals are licensed and have their rabies shots,” said Diane Buhl, from the Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Dog Laws. “They can issue fines if dogs aren’t licensed or vaccinated. Wardens are not permitted to remove an animal from a property.”
Buhl reminds everyone that all dogs age three months and up are required by state law to be licensed and have their rabies vaccine.
“We try to work with folks,” said Buhl. “The only way a warden would ever remove an animal is in a life-threatening situation. We will call in the humane society and cruelty officers to investigate if we feel it’s necessary.”
Buhl said dog wardens don’t issue the fines for pet owners who don’t have their animals licensed or vaccinated. She said it is up to the local magistrate to set the fine. She said it can be anywhere from $50 to $300.”
Buhl suggested that the Horn family place an ad in their local paper, hang signs, offer a reward, file a police report and visit the local SPCA’s to make sure no one took Ace there.
Buhl recommends that all pet owners have their dog micro chipped. She said this form of identification is on the dog at all times and it will hold in a court of law. She said SPCA’s and veterinary offices all have scanners and will check a dog for a microchip. Buhl also noted that dog licenses can now be purchased online.
Anyone who may have seen Ace or has any information is encouraged to contact Dr. John and Becky Horn at 570-682-9921.
“We just want our dog to come back home,” said Becky. “Don’t let your dogs out without supervision.”

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